Yadu Pokhrel

Assistant Professor; College of Engineering

(Ph.D., Civil Engineering; The University of Tokyo, Japan) Dr. Yadu Pokhrel’s research interests are focused on improving the understanding of the changes in the global/regional terrestrial water cycle in response to the combined effects of human activities and climate change. In particular, the changes in various components of the hydrological cycle, as caused directly by human activities such as land-use change, reservoir operation and large-scale diversion of water, irrigation, and groundwater pumping, constitute the foundation of his research interest. The primary focus of his research is on representing these human factors into global/regional hydrologic, climate, and earth system models in order to develop integrated hydrological/water resources assessment models to study human impacts on the water cycle and the associated impacts to and feedback from the climate system; he integrates various in-situ and satellite-based observations within these models to address problems related to climate change and water resources and agricultural sustainability.